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Reem Juan is a London based designer that strives to be a true expression of femininity. Established in 2012 aiming to find strength in serenity through each garment and delivering sophisticated styles for the modern day woman, with a sustainable and ethical approach. Using technology, minimal production waste and sourcing local hand craftsmanship to create garments with longevity. 

Each collection is inspired by icons, architecture and art. We channel the above qualities into aspirational luxury while staying grounded in the truths of its principals. 


As a premium womenswear brand, we design with the sophisticated and modern day woman in mind; Infusing modern and romantic silhouettes which Reem is famously known for. Each collection is made with eloquence – adding unique finishing touches to each design. The use of bespoke intricate embroideries, contrasting against textural fabrics that remarkably creates a story of beauty and drama within each piece.